How are Lessons paid?

Lessons are paid by either pre-authorized debit or pre-authorized credit card at the beginning of each month.  You may also pay by check. Online payments are now also available, but require an additional $5 convenience fee.  We do not accept either cash or debit as we simply do not have time during the lesson period to deal with it.

How long must we take lessons?

Lessons are on a month to month basis.  The minimum number of lessons required is 4.

What happens when a student misses a lesson?

When a student misses a lesson there is no refund or credit.  However, as long as we receive notice at least 2 hours prior to the lesson we will provide one makeup lesson every month to a limit of 12 in the year.   Most music schools provide a maximum of only 2 or 3 makeup lessons in a year.

What happens when a teacher misses a lesson?

For any lessons missed by a teacher the student may have a private makeup class.
If we can’t find a time that the teacher is available we can schedule a lesson with a substitute teacher.  The curriculum taught by the substitute teacher will be music theory which is not part of the regular teacher’s curriculum so there is no conflict with what is taught.

Why doesn’t the school provide a makeup class for every class a student misses?

While we would like to be able to provide a makeup lesson for every class that is missed, we simply can not afford it.  Consider a comparison.  If you purchase a flower pot or a hammer and decide you don’t want it, these items can be sold again at full price because nothing has been altered.  However,  If you take bananas home and decide you don’t need them and you return them to the store the store is not going to give you your money back because bananas are non-durable goods.  This is true also with regard to university courses or music lessons involving time.  If the time has gone – the teacher or school can not sell the time again.  By providing a makeup lesson for you we are actually paying for your lesson twice (for the time originally scheduled and for the extra time) and therefore we are limiting it to one per month.

If we decide we want to cancel lessons, how much notice is required?

Whatever month you want to end lessons, all we ask is that you give us notice prior to the 15th of that month so we have time to cancel the automatic withdrawal from your bank account or the automatic credit card charge.

How much is refunded if we cancel early in the month?

Lessons are paid one month at a time for the entire month.   There are no refunds for stopping part way through the month.  Any unused lessons may be used by anyone you authorize and they may take those lessons with any teacher and on any instrument.