Lessons Offered

Our studio is currently offering lessons in our studio, online (virtual) and in home*

*In home lessons based on availability and area


Whether you want to be the next Lang Lang or Thelonious Monk, our piano program gets you up to speed fast!


Aiming for American idol?  Or maybe you just want to learn the basics to take care of your voice…


Who doesn’t want to tame the six-string beast? Let our professional instructors teach you rock, blues, jazz, country…


A great option for kids who are interested in guitar, but might be a little young, ukulele is a great place to start…

Stringed Instruments

Violin, viola and cello are now being offered at our studio.  Our highly qualified instructors can teach any age…


Who wouldn’t want to learn how to play the drums?  Start brand new or improve your skills with our instructors today…Drum lessons are offered in home.