My First Recital!

1745_46257995886_9550_nLizbet palmer

I started playing piano when I was 6 and violin when I was 9, so I’ve played in A LOT of recitals! The things I’ve found that are most important are…

1) Practicing my pieces until they’re easy, then…

2) Having fun and enjoying them when I play them!

I have fun playing, and other people have fun listening!



RachaelRachel Menscher

Recitals are my favorite part of learning music. After putting in all the hard work to practice and learn a piece, I love being able to share it with others!

One of the most important things to help you prepare is to talk to your teacher and know as much about the set-up on recital day as possible. Creating your own routine helps make recital day as fun and easy as possible. Knowing and planning this routine with your teacher in advance gives you time to practice it, so when recital day arrives, you can have fun and run on “autopilot,” enjoying the wonderful musical sounds YOU create!


MandyMandy Milliot

I was 11 when I had my first cello recital. I will never forget it! I was simultaneously excited about playing (I believe it was “Silent Night,”) and scared! I mostly didn’t want to disappoint my teacher. The other kids were way better than me and that made me so nervous! But once I finally got up there and let go of all of my nerves, I felt so great- it was so cool to have everyone sitting and listening to me play! It’s an incredible feeling when you get to show-off all your hard work, no matter your abilities!

(P.S. Though this picture is actually of Mandy’s first dance recital , HAD to throw it in!)


girl-in-yellow-dressKaty Dennis

My first recital was when I was 6 years old, and played “Indian Dance.” I pressed the keys as hard as my little fingers possibly could, because my teacher kept saying “FORTE!!” I’m pretty sure there’s still a video floating around somewhere!*
*The search for the “FORTE” video is still in progress.  


Sarah StroutMrs. Sarah Strout-Talley

The one thing that I remember the most about my Christmas recitals as a young kiddo was that Mrs. Watson had her Christmas recital in her den in her house.  We played carols for one another.  She made the best cookies and punch.  We played games and sang together!


So In Conclusion…

  1.  Nothing beats practicing until you are comfortable with your piece…and then some.
  2. Ask your teacher any questions you have about the recital so you can be ready.
  3. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! It’s not a competition, it’s sharing your music!

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