Studio Policies


We offer 2 options for tuition payments at the studio.

  1. Pay Semester in Advance-if paying for the entire semester in advance we accept checks. Checks must be received within 3 business days of enrollment in order for lesson reservation to be confirmed.   Payment must be for entire amount.  If using this option you will still need to pay the registration fee online with a debit or credit card.
  2. Pay Monthly-If you prefer to make monthly payments you will set up auto pay using a credit or debit card online at the time of enrollment.  Our secure system will process your payment by the 1sst of each month for the duration of the semester.  The registration fee will be charged upon enrollment.

Please note that enrollment cannot be confirmed until payment has been received (check prepayment for semester) or card information has been set up online for monthly. Registration fees are non refundable.

Late Fees; If a card payment comes back unsuccessful we need to get a new card from you by the 10th of the month. Our system automatically sends you an email about the payment problem and has a link to follow to put in a new card number. If we do not receive your payment, it will be considered late and a fee of $25 will be added to that month’s tuition. Checks returned for NSF will have a fee of $30 added to their payment.


When students enroll they are reserving their placement in the studio for the entire semester.  Fall (Sept.- Dec.) Spring (Jan.-May). Summer (June-Aug)


If a student can no longer continue lessons a withdrawal form is required. Forms can be found on our website, under the Parent tab. Once we receive a written copy of the form you will have 30 days of lessons and tuition remaining. Telephone calls, emails, or simply telling your teacher does not constitute a written notice. This policy applies to all students.

Absentee Policy

Our teachers have reserved their time for you, and will be ready at your scheduled lesson time. Tuition is a flat fee each month- this reserves a regular, weekly lessons time for each student. Because the studio is running at full capacity, there is no flexibility to offer make-up lessons.  No refunds will be issued for missed lessons and a failure to show up is a forfeited lesson.  If you need to cancel your reservation, we are able to grant one make-up lesson per school semester Make up week is the last week of the semester to occur at your regularly scheduled time and only applies to students who missed a lesson that semester.    There are no refunds for missed lessons. In the rare event of a teacher cancellation, a make-up lesson will always be granted.  Your teacher will contact you about days and times to arrange their missed lessons.

You will be given a SWAP LIST in case there are additional times that you must be absent. In these cases you may phone, or email anyone on YOUR TEACHERS’ swap list and see if they would be willing to swap lesson times for any given week. The parent who requested the exchange is responsible to email or call me within 24 hours to let me know what has been worked out. If you must miss a lesson, please be courteous and let the teacher know in advance. If you do not show up for your lessons you do not get a make-up lesson. SUMMER LESSONS There is NO swap sheet or make ups summer lessons.

Parental Involvement

Experience has shown that most students are more relaxed and study better with the teacher if parents or visitors are not present at the lesson.  Parents are welcome to attend the first lesson and drop in on a lesson once in a while.  The exception is a young beginner who needs the presence of a parent to help understand the lessons and subsequent practicing at home.  If you are observing the lesson, please respect the instructor by not being involved in the lesson. Please do not make comments or try to assist the child during the lesson.  Do not let friends or siblings attend the lesson with your child.  The fewer distractions there are during the lesson, the better the lesson will be.

Drop Off/Pick-up

Parents and students should respect the studio space and others’ lessons by quietly waiting in the front. Students should arrive 5 minutes before their lesson.   Please do not linger outside studio doors in the hallway during others’ lessons.  Pick up small children inside the studio (Please park and come in); older students may wait inside until visual contact is made and then walk outside.  Please respect our handicapped parking space.  Do not use this for pick up and delivery.  We need to keep our children safe at our new space.


A quality piano at home is essential for a child’s optimum progress. To keep your instruments in good working order, annual maintenance should be figured into the budget. It is suggested that tuning for pianos should be done twice a year if possible; once a year minimally, with the best times being after the heat has been turned off or on for a changing season.

If a student begins piano study on an electronic keyboard, the change should be made to an acoustic piano, or a FULLY WEIGHTED keyboard within a year or sooner after starting lessons. Pianos can be rented at a reasonable price. (Please contact Sarah if you have any questions about instruments)




Please know that managing our students, teachers, and room schedules is by far the most challenging aspect of our business. Please respect this policy.

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