We are truly sorry to see you go, but we also understand that sometimes it cannot be avoided.  Please be sure to read and understand the entire process outlined in the Withdrawal Policy and fill out the proper forms below.

Strout Studios Withdrawal Policy.pdf

Strout Studios Withdrawal Form.pdf


Permanent Withdrawal:

Please inform the studio with your intent to withdraw form. (Located on the website, or request a form from info@stroutstudios.com)  This form needs to be signed and dated to state your intent to withdraw.

From the day you express your intent, there are thirty-days (30) to terminate. Notice will take effect on the first calendar day of the upcoming month. This allows the student to finish out the current teaching month and also the instructor to fill the teaching spot from the waiting list as our teachers depend on their respective teaching incomes as a large source of their total income. (You will be responsible for the current months tuition.) You will not be charged for the next month after “intent to withdraw” has been given. (Per Student)

You may choose to cease lessons immediately, however no refunds, full or partial, will be given.

Students beginning study in the summer sessions (June- August) may use these months as a trial study period and may withdraw at any time June- August for any reason without penalty.

Temporary Withdrawal:

You may hold your spot in the studio for up to two months with a non-refundable payment of $150.00 (per student) Upon returning we will make every effort to re-place the student with his former teacher and as close as possible to his former time.  If you are on a temporary withdrawal and do not resume lessons within two months, you forfeit your spot on the schedule for the upcoming session.

Contact info@stroutstudios.com for a Withdrawal Form.

Telephone calls, emails, or simply telling your teacher does not constitute a written withdrawal notice.