Guitar and Drum Instructor

“If it sounds good, it IS good.” – Duke Ellington

Hailing from the Arizona desert by way of Springfield, Massachusetts, Chris Novembrino has had some interesting stops in his professional career. He’s been a closed captioner of live television for broadcasts of NBA and Wrestlemania. He’s managed a live music act. He’s even been the head coach of a semi-professional basketball team, boasting an 0-1 career record. But his passion in life is music, and fortunately for all of us, he’s much better at that.

After bouncing around from instrument to instrument at a young age, Chris’ parents rented his first guitar at age 13. It was a Hondo Stratocaster knock-off. His mom told him, “If you don’t practice, I’m returning it.” 22 years later, Chris practices an hour a day every day. After getting his footing on guitar, Chris expanded to bass, drums, piano, and recording. He’s played in countless bands, played gigs all over this city and many others (though not out of the country – yet!), written and recorded his own music, done session work on other people’s recordings on guitar and bass, engineered and recorded the music of others, written and recorded music for commercials, written and recorded music for podcast radio programs, and has been teaching his craft for over a decade.

Chris’ method emphasizes ‘mechanics’ as the priority. He is focused on not just teaching people how to play a song or scale, but how to do so with the best possible technique. He also believes that it’s extremely important to teach not merely ‘what’ to do, but ‘why’ it is done. Last, he believes that it is essential to meet the student where they are at. He does not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to his curriculum and makes sure that, when possible, the musical examples and practice pieces are tailor-made for the student’s interests.